What is DTG Printing?

Direct to garment printing is a digital form of garment printing where the ink is printed directly onto the fabric which results in exceptional “hand” (referring to how a garment feels once the image or design comes out of the printers), and offers more flexibility than screen printing in terms of color variation and turn-around time.

Our Kornit HD6 Printers print using CMYKRG + White. This allows us to offer a huge range of colours with a single price point.

How long do DTG Prints last?

The Kornit HD6 printers offer incredible wash fastness, ensuring that your prints will remain vivid and bold for a long time. Unlike screen printing, because DTG uses a water based ink the prints will not crack after washing!

We recommend that you wash the garments at 30 degrees and do not iron on the prints.

Can I print any design?

We can print most designs providing you are following our artwork guides.

Can I print other peoples artwork?

If you have permission, then yes! But without permission, then the simple answer is no.