We offer Direct To Garment printing throughout the UK using top of the range Kornit Atlas and Kornit Avalanche HD6 printers, we can achieve incredible print quality at an affordable price for small & large print runs.

Direct to garment printing is a relatively new fabric printing method where the ink is printed directly onto the fabric which results in exceptional “hand” (referring to how a garment feels once the image or design comes out of the printers), and offers more flexibility than screen printing in terms of quantities, color variation and turn-around time. We are able to offer full colour printing onto all colours of fabric with our impressive Kornit DTG Atlas & Avalanche HD6 printers.

We have printing solutions for a massive range of requirements, from contract printing to overflow printing we can come up with a price and print process to suit your requirements.

We have been printing for a number of years now and have seen our daily capacity increase from 50-100 units per day, to well in excess of 15,000 units per week and we are constantly growing and investing to ensure we are using the best machines available in terms of quality and reliability.

Meet The Team

Shirt Monkey is a family run business specialising in Direct To Garment printing - we believe that quality matters when it comes to printing and therefore we use only the best machines on the market.

Kornit - Case Study

Our Story

Shirt Monkey began printing in early 2013 with a single Brother GT-381 garment printer - building up a customer base and slowly increasing our daily printing levels. In early 2015 we upgraded our machines to the Kornit range, initially starting out with a single Breeze printer which was quickly upgraded to a Storm II.

In early 2016 we took the huge leap and invested in our first Kornit Avalanche 1000 printer which has excelled the company to a whole new level.

In October of 2016, we took the next step in our growth plans and have had our second Avalanche 1000 installed - Further increasing our daily capacity levels and establishing ourselves as a major DTG Shop in the UK.

Into 2017 we took a huge step relocating to a new 10,000 sq ft premises in Winsford. After a very busy year, in 2018 we added 2 Kornit Avalanche HD6 machines to our portfolio increasing our weekly capacity to well in excess of 12,500 prints. In Q4 of 2018 we printed close to 110,000 garments!

Moving into 2019 we took delivery of our first Kornit Atlas printer further increasing our capacity and completing our switch for all printers onto the HEXA platform offering exclusively CMYK+RG prints.