Screen Printing From Shirt Monkey

We have now added screen printing to our portfolio of print services. If you are looking to produce a very large run of garments, screen printing may be the way forward for you. With bold and vibrant prints, screen printing offers something a little different from our Kornit Machines however both methods have thier own Pro's and Con's - Feel free to give us a call and we can advise on which method we think would be best suited for you.

Designed for very large print runs or designs with few colours.

Screen Printing Onto White Garments

1 COL1.761.160.780.550.48POA
2 COL1.971.330.950.650.57POA
3 COL2.191.541.120.730.61POA
4 COL2.381.811.290.810.70POA
5 COL2.561.981.490.910.78POA
6 COL2.762.191.721.000.87POA
7 COL2.942.351.891.100.94POA
8 COL3.132.512.091.211.03POA
9 COL3.332.712.271.311.11POA
10 COL3.512.882.471.411.19POA
11 COL3.703.062.681.501.27POA
12 COL3.883.232.891.661.37POA

Screen Printing Onto Dark Garments

1 COL1.981.330.920.650.55POA
2 COL2.161.561.200.790.65POA
3 COL2.361.801.440.920.74POA
4 COL2.551.981.661.070.83POA
5 COL2.732.161.901.200.92POA
6 COL2.932.352.131.331.02POA
7 COL3.122.532.361.471.11POA
8 COL3.302.722.521.611.20POA
9 COL3.482.902.641.761.29POA
10 COL3.673.092.711.891.37POA
11 COL3.853.272.802.031.47POA
12 COL4.053.502.892.301.56POA

Setup Charge - £15 / colour - Free Setup for orders over 500 units
Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT